Entrepreneurship enriches every path

NIACC Everyday Entrepreneur Student Pitch Competition

Calling all budding student business moguls!

Are you a college student (or concurrently enrolled) with a brilliant idea, a passion for innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit? Look no further than the Everyday Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition.

Join us at this exciting event where we welcome college students of all backgrounds and fields of study to take the stage and present their entrepreneurial skills and business ideas. Whether you're currently operating a side business, aspiring to launch your own venture, or harboring a fantastic actionable business idea, this is your moment to shine.

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Why participate?

Elevate your entrepreneurial dreams: Get your concept in front of a panel of experienced judges and network with like-minded peers. Connect with fellow student entrepreneurs who share your passion for innovation, opening doors to valuable collaborations and partnerships.

Win big: Compete for impressive cash prizes to use as seed money for your business or expansion.

Hone your pitching skills: Receive valuable feedback from industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs, helping you refine your presentation skills.

Whether you're a business major, an artist with a unique idea, a science whiz with a groundbreaking innovation, or someone with an unwavering drive to make a difference, the "Everyday Entrepreneurs Showdown" is your chance to make your mark on the world. Join us and take that bold step toward turning your everyday ideas into extraordinary successes.

Who is eligible to participate:

Any currently enrolled NIACC student (including high school students who are concurrently enrolled in the fall semester) who has an idea for a community-based business or wants to scale up an existing business. EEVF provides community colleges the support needed to provide access to entrepreneurial education and funding for their students to take their businesses from an idea to a thriving enterprise.


September 19 - October 20

Work with mentors and faculty on application which will include an executive summary and pitch deck. Use resources from the Pappajohn Center.

October 20

Applications due

Executive summary with pitch deck defining the problem, solution, target market, and value proposition.

October 24 - November 10

Sign up for preliminary round pitch times

Meet with mentors and faculty to revise pitch decks to include revenues and costs.

November 13: Pitch Day

Preliminary pitches 9-11:30am
Top Five—Final pitches 12:15-1:15pm

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Business Model Canvas

> Video: Business Model Canvas Explained (2:19 minutes)

> Video: Master the Business Model Canvas (18 minutes)

> PDF: Fillable Business Model Canvas Template

> PDF: Business Model Canvas Example

Value Propositions

> PDF: Ad-Lib Value Proposition Template

> PDF: Value Propositions Revisited

Pitch Deck

> PDF: Pitch Deck Template

> PDF: Building a Better Pitch Deck